Salt Spring Conjuring Club Imagine Mastering Illusion

We're a club not a classroom. Often there will be adult, sometimes there won't, in which case we expect members to participate on their own.

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Warning If you break the code of engagement, it isn't the end of the world.

The Conjuring Club is more like a chess club than a basketball team. It isn't entirely like a chess club... but you get the idea.

Members must focus in a room to practice and to learn techniques. They must be able to read a room, within reasonable limits, to determine what's appropriate. There will not always be adult supervision or guidance. Members must be responsible, at least enough to remember props and important events and to stay on task.

Generally speaking, the minimum age is twelve and the maximum 19. As of 2014, the core group includes two fifteen year olds and a nine year old. We've found that highly energetic kids tend to become bored, and that children under twelve lack the responsibility to remember props and important events.

If you think a child is appropriate, ask. Temperment and maturity are more important than age is. A particularly energetic 15 year old will be happier on the basketball team. An eight year old with precocious self-regulation and a very involved parent will be happy at the conjuring club.

If your child is interested but not quite responsible enough, as a parent it will be your role to be the responsible proxy for your child. You will need to take initiative: find out from your child about events and required supplies, show up just before or after the club to learn the schedule.

An important note about supervision: the conjuring club is a terrible baby sitter. Shaun Luttin is not always is the room and the club regularly runs without him. A child that requires supervision will not receive it at the conjuring club.

In short, we're a club, basically of teens and some preteens. Members must cooperate, compromise, and work both individually and as a team. It's hard work. You'll have to sacrifice, and you'll learn a lot.



Anjali is full of confidence and wonder. She will be performing the Amazing Vanish Coin, and Brainstorm in the Bahamas.



Jaysen is the king of cards. He will demonstrate Feats of Card Throwing, The Magical Clock, and from there an Ace in the Hole.



Noah has focus and persistence. From him expect a Psychological Mystery, a Card Cypher, and some jazz with the aces.



Theo is the youngest. Expect dazzling with a Slip and a Cut, Some Travelling Aces, and Knot a Rope Trick.


The Salt Spring Conjuring Club first met on Wednesday 02 October, 2013. Since then we have had over 122 visits by 30 attendees, including seven regulars, who now form the clubs core. This cadre of budding magicians range in age from seven to fourteen.

We currently meet every Friday from 3:30 to 5 pm (excluding statutory holidays) at the Salt Spring Island Public Library. On the first Friday of every month, we put on a free public show in the program room. To date, we have had two public performances and we are planning more.

The Conjuring Club is free public service. It builds confidence, friendships, and skills for children and youth. It promotes the arts. It develops connections and community.


We are planning a major public performance for Friday 12 December, 2014. Our existing public performances are in fact public dress rehearsals in preparation for the gala show. To increase the production value, we are building a stage with curtains, procuring costumes, developing a script, and encouraging commitment from our regulars.


Shaun Luttin, Magician, Software Developer

Shaun Luttin is an amatuer magician in the best sense of the word (recall that Olympic athletes are amatuers.)

He has been practicing and performing sleight-of-hand with playing cards for 21 years, is a founding member of the Vancouver Seven group of magicians, which practiced together and performed regularly, and is the Chief Who-Ha of the Salt Spring Conjuring Club.

As owner of, he earns a living writing software and providing technical support. He has earned a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from UBC, a Certificate of Technology from BCIT, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional Software Developer.

Having accrued over 2,132 hours of volunteer service between 2002 and 2013 (from crisis counseling to arts, entertainment, and technical support), and having eschewed driving in favor of public transportation, he is a de facto community leader.

Here he is in his role as a human, magician, and professional.

Keith Picot, Film Maker, Musician

A professional musician from the age of 19 (interrupted by a eight year stint of homesteading and ranch work), Keith Picot, at 38, has risen to the tops of his field as a double bass player. In 2010 he won the Toronto Maple Blues Award for bass player of the year after having been nominated five times.

In the last five years he has diversified and become the owner and operator of Hek's Half Acre Film Studio, creating memorable 1920's style slap stick silent comedies.

Building the Stage

Thank you to Windsor Plywood, Eric Jacobson, Mouat's Trading Co and Gary Bywater!

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Coop Carnival 2014

A few of us performed at the coop-op's annual carnival.

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Some candid shots of the Conjuring Club Meetings.

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There are videos that we have recorded of either Conjuring Club member performances or our other activities.

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These are either videos that others have recorded of Conjuring Club members or performances of other magicians that we have found inspiring.

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Learning magic means learning secrets one level at a time. As we develop greater skill, we earn access to further levels.

Level One Learn the territory.

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Practice makes permanent.

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